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Driving Sales Throughout The Automotive Customer Journey

Written by: Carliff Rizal

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The Automotive Customer Journey.

Customers are now driving their own automotive experience — no longer are they just sitting back in the passenger seat.​

Today’s automotive buyers are well informed, very connected, and have higher expectations of their service providers and dealers. customers now rely on multiple channels and devices to make their purchasing decisions. This gives your auto dealership so many opportunities to engage customers at every step of their automotive customer journey from pre-sale to continued added service.

Customers are now driving their own automotive experience — no longer are they just sitting back in the passenger seat.

The Omnichannel Automotive Customer Journey

Whether it’s to complete a final purchase, or its for their first initial service, the goal is to get buyers into your dealership and keep them happily coming back. YesHello👋’s omnichannel messaging platform allows you to focus your conversations on key moments at every stage of the automotive ownership cycle, for you to stand out, connect, and build customer loyalty by satisfying your customers’ specific needs quickly and efficiently.

The Car Purchase Customer Journey

The Car Purchase Customer Journey

Introducing Stacy

Stacy is a 32-year-old mother of two. She drives a mid-size SUV that fit her family of four. But with a third child on the way, she needed a new car that would fit three car seats, and so she is deciding between buying a larger SUV or going with a minivan.

Let's walk through what the journey looks like for Stacy, with examples of her search paths and resulting actions.


“I just made a high-value purchase with you, will you stay in touch?” - Stacy

This is where the final decision-making, negotiations, and reassurance take place. At this point, Stacy wants to know if she's getting the best deal for her car. She's checked the pricing and discounts, and have researched car dealership addresses and opening hours. After a high-value car purchase, she wants to feel that she is valued and wants to be reassured by the dealer. After-sales contact and follow up, is one of the most crucial parts of her automotive customer journey experience.


  • 62% of customers are not contacted post-sales, but would like to receive some form of communication from the dealership.
  • 75% of active car buyers are not contacted by dealers when they are currently looking for, or thinking of buying a new car.


“I want to feel good about coming back to your dealership, what else can you offer?”​ - Stacy

The service stage is many times an overlooked opportunity to get customers back to your car dealership website and back into your shop. When it's time to service her car, Stacy has specific needs in mind, so it’s important to highlight your service offerings and promotions to her. Stacy want to know who she can trust with their car, and what level of service she is expecting to get. That’s why directing her to online reviews of your staff and dealership service department can play a big role in her decision to service her car at your dealership.


“I’m looking for a new dealership to call home, is yours the one for me?”​ - Stacy

This is an ongoing stage where you’ll win over customers like Stacy who might be new to the area, or who might be your previous customer, or your competitors’ unhappy customers. If you can make these customers feel appreciated, you'll be way ahead from your competitors, as they are constantly deciding where to service or purchase their car. These customers want to be reassured that your business is the best place to go for all their car needs. Engage customers who are new to your area with triggered communications and personalized messages, or get them thinking about a new car with targeted content.


“I’m looking to buy a new car, does your dealership have the online tools and service I need?”​ - Stacy

Customers who reach this stage fit into one or more of the following: Their car has high mileage, positive equity, they want a new car, they totaled their car, or their needs have changed. At this time, they are searching for car information online, so making sure your brand is visible in the digital space and you are available online in LiveChat is mandatory during this stage. These customers will be looking into their car warranty, figuring out the value if they want to trade-in, and researching car prices.

Stay tuned to find out more about these solutions.

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