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How YesHellođź‘‹ Help Drive Leads, and Engage Automotive Buyers, For Your Dealership.

Written by: Carliff Rizal

· Digital Marketing,WhatsApp for Teams,Automotive

YesHellođź‘‹ is a Multi-Channel Messaging Platform Designed Specifically For Teams.

The platform allows your team members to talk to your customers in one simple cloud based dashboard, regardless from which messaging app they connect with you.

This article will summarise how YesHellođź‘‹ can help drive more leads, and increase buyer engagement with potential buyers, for your dealership.

Market your vehicle inventory with intelligent communication

Reach your potential buyers on every channel

Connect to your your potential buyers on the messaging channels they most prefer to use and see your sales conversion rates increase and more get more engagement with your potential buyers.

Learn more about our Channels

Initiate marketing conversations— that build deeper relationships

Employ conversational marketing to show off your vehicle inventory and get feedback from the buyer on what they're really looking to buy. Automatically route potential car buyers to a salesperson when they're qualified.

Personalization through automation

Use Automation to create personalized customer journeys for your potential buyers that react to their behavior, like automatically sending look-a-like listings to potential buyers inquiring about your inventory.

Learn more about Automation

Connect to car buyers, better

Instant engagement

Send notifications instantly to reps when a marketing conversation in your live chat turns into a qualified lead. Seamlessly route the conversation directly to your sales team or even to a specific person in your team.

Learn more about routing

All the preferred channels

See the full conversation history from every channel to understand what buyers are truly looking for, including which pages on your website they recently visited. Engage and respond on whatever channel they prefer to use— WhatsApp, SMS, Live Chat, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and more.

Automation with Bots

Build logic to qualify leads and appropriately route potential buyers to the right members of your sales team.

Learn more about Automation

Empower your service department with context

Full customer context

Give your sales team a full history of customer conversations (across SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more), so they can impress customers with context and ensure the right level of sales services are delivered.

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Broadcast service and appointment reminders

Use Broadcast to schedule automated service and appointment reminders that get sent to customers on their preferred channels.

FAQ chatbots to answer inquiries 24*7

Build a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions like service costs or your dealership opening hours. Lighten the burden on your live chat support team, while giving potential buyers quick answers to their questions.

Learn more about FAQ chatbots

Stay tuned to find out more about these solutions.

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