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    "I believe this system would benefit huge MNCs dealing with millions of clients from around the world the most, as this would enable them to keep all involved department members up to date with the status of a sale rather easily."

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  • Give your brand a voice

    Think of WhatsApp + Messenger Bots as other marketing channels. It shouldn’t replace PPC, Social or email, but work along side them.


    A well designed WhatsApp + Messenger bot can enhance your customer’s journey with your brand, build trust, engagement and drive conversions.

  • Reach customers where they are most likely to engage

    People are using WhatsApp & Messenger to connect with their closest friends and family. It's personal, conversational and, if used the right way, can help you boost brand affinity.

  • Some of the ways you can use WhatsApp + Messenger Bots in your marketing

    Facebook Page Autoresponder

    Engage your followers in a new way and collect leads at the same time. Each time someone comments on your post, your bot can respond privately in messenger.

    Facebook Ads

    Explode conversion and reduce cost-per-lead. When a prospect clicks on your ad, it can open a natural WhatsApp or Messenger conversation, automatically collecting leads.

    Instagram Ads

    Similar to Facebook ads, when a prospect clicks on your ad in Instagram, it can open a natural WhatsApp or Messenger conversation, automatically collecting leads.

    Lead Nurturing & Retention

    Get your message heard! WhatsApp & Messenger bots yields higher open rates and CTR than email. Clients are more engaged, conversations are more personal.

    Lead Generation & Segmentation

    Each time a person engages with your WhatsApp + Messenger bot, you automatically capture their information. You also have the ability to re-engage them with one-to-one personal messaging.

    In store NFC and QR activation

    Your customers can tap their phone on NFC enabled ‘point of sale signage’, or QR code, instantly opening a conversational bot. Then, an automated follow up conversation can take place. Increase brand affinity, have personalised conversations and increase and conversion.


    The Process:


    Briefing call

    Our team will clarify with you the chatbot objectives, and show you how to fill up the bot Conversation Flow template.

    Send Project Assets

    You will upload any Project Assets required for our team to build the chatbot in accordance with your needs.


    Follow-up call

    If necessary, we will be in touch for a follow-up call to clarify any doubts the tech team may have related to the chatbot needs or project assets.


    Chatbot Building process

    Your chatbot gets built and a first draft will be delivered to you in a video recording format for you to review.



    You can provide your feedback on the first draft and our team will send you a final version with the required tweaks.



    In this phase, we rerun conversational flows and business scenarios through various test cases to achieve desired bot performance.



    The bot is deployed on the company’s WhatsApp and Messenger channels and is ready to interact with customers in the real world.


    Monitor and Optimize

    Once published, for the following 7 days, the bot performance is monitored by by our team to fix breakage points.


    Grow engagement, sales & leads, with better ROI now

  • WhatsApp - An opportunity for your business!

  • Use-Cases

    Customer Support

    Make customer support effortlessly easy for both your customers and your team, using WhatsApp chatbot. Solve your customers’ FAQs instantly, round the clock. Seamlessly switch over from the bot to a human for complex queries.


    Shorten your sales cycle. Interact only with pre-qualified leads. Proactively engage with prospects and hot leads. Cross sell and upsell your existing customers. All with WhatsApp business chatbot.


    Enjoy higher engagement rate and better brand recognition by reaching out to your audience on a platform they already use. Generate hot leads directly from your marketing campaigns.

  • How It Works

    Ready to get started? Get your own WhatsApp + Messenger Business chatbot up and running to reap the benefits of WhatsApp & Messenger marketing!


    WhatsApp Number

    If you don't yet have your number connected to WhatsApp API, we will assist you in connecting it or recommending the most ideal provider.


    Requirements Sync

    Our conversation design experts carefully review your requirements and prepare a detailed overview of the bot and requirements.


    Design & Develop

    The design team designs the most intuitive conversation flow and passes it onto our dev team for development.


    Install & Deploy

    We deploy the chatbot to your dedicated WhatsApp number, connect to your FB Page and install to your website.

  • Why use a WhatsApp Bot?

    Save Time & Money

    Improved Lead Generation

    Cut Customer Service Costs

    Increased Customer Service Engagement

    Re-engaged Customers

    Handle E-commerce Transactions

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