• Grow your audience with Messenger Bot Giveaways

    Run a giveaway entirely on Facebook Messenger Chatbot to help you grow your audience.

  • Giveaways through Messenger Chatbots

    An end-to-end viral Marketing solution running exclusively on Messenger. We’ve built a chatbot, using the latest technology to help you run messenger marketing viral giveaways, effortlessly. 🙌

    Install the Chatbot

    We Will Help You Install the Messenger Giveaway chatbot, and you’re ready to go.

    Customize the Conversations

    We will edit and customize the bot conversations to match your brand’s voice and style.

    Let us work our magic 🎩

    We will help track your campaign’s performance from start to end. We also track referrals and who invited whom.

  • Pre-launch Announcement

    The most effective way to get as many eyeballs as possible on your giveaway launch is by creating a Facebook post pre-announcing the giveaway and ask people to leave a specific comment.


    With this feature, people who comment on your pre-launch Facebook post will automatically be subscribed to your giveaway.

  • The Giveaway Feature

    The Giveaway feature works in a very simple way. Users are asked to participate and then they can invite their friends to the campaign.


    You can offer your participants the option to choose from up to 4 different prizes. This is ideal for eCommerce stores that wish to promote their many products.


    Because we also know how important your relationship is with your customers, we've added a field to request their email address, just for you.


    We’ve made a BONUS feature to encourage people who didn’t win to make a purchase from you by offering a friendly discount.

  • Re-engagement flows​

    We want to help you maximize the results of each campaign. So, the bot is enriched with 2 additional features to re-engage with the campaign’s participants.


    Get campaign participants to Follow your instagram account for extra entries in the giveaway. Simple as that.


    Participants need to be informed about their current total points and will be reminded to invite more of their friends to the campaign.

  • How It Works

  • Customer Data


    Our customers have collected more than 100K leads for their campaigns.


    On average, our customers get, 35% of their campaign participants, through referrals


    Your overall CAC through referral marketing and advertising can go to $0.05 .

  • Common Questions

    How can I send the campaign to my existing users?

    The exact process differs depending on the growth tool, but all you need to do essentially is add the giveaway's basic flow on the growth tool's setup (as an Opt-In Message under Opt-in Actions). You can use a broadcast, a comment growth tool or Facebook ads to trigger the giveaway. You can use a broadcast, a comment growth tool or Facebook ads to trigger the giveaway.

    Can I use the same campaign for two different FB pages?

    Yes, you can!


    Note: If you do this, participants from both pages will be displayed on the same campaign Dashboard. This means that, when picking winners, participants from both pages will be taken into account.

    Can I run more than one Giveaway on the same FB page?

    This is not currently supported. You can have only one Giveaway bot installed per page.

    Can I collect subscribers' email with this chatbot?

    By default, we don't ask for the participants to provide their email address.

    Still, if you wish to ask for their email address also, we can help do this for you.

    Can I put coupons to my campaigns?

    Yes, we can by using some third party integrations

    Can I delete participants of the campaign from inside the chatbot?

    At the moment, deleting participants from campaigns with the chatbot is not supported. If you don't want certain participants to win rewards, you can skip them during the "picking winners" process.